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“Network leaders recognise the interconnected world we live in, they understand the social system of organisations, they bring people together, they can lead informally but know when to use their formal or positional power and are relentless in what they want to achieve for their organisation or community.”

There are some leaders who manage to get things done through their ability to understand how the network of individuals connect on the ground, who to talk to and how to bring together people in just the right way, to make things happen. A recent study by Dr James Whitehead, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Mike Peckham, PSA Training and Development Ltd, explores this. Join us to find out more about improving leadership skills.

Chaired by Dr James Whitehead, we bring together a panel of leaders to discuss:

  • The power of social networks in an organisation
  • The reality behind the hierarchy
  • Remote working and leadership
  • Leading beyond your formal authority

The panel will consist of:

  • Lerisha Bhardwaj – Finance Professional and Executive MBA Student
  • Liz Maher, Director – Centurion VAT Specialists
  • Bruce Dickenson – Caerdav

The link for the powerpoint used can be found here.

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