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The working world is changing. And fast. The past year has seen us all needing to adapt. But with more flexibility, increased productivity, enhanced learning and improved team morale, the future of hybrid working can help people in Wales work better together, wherever. In this webinar discover:

How we’re building a thriving Wales with inclusive growth, sustainability, and health and wellbeing at the core

  • The forces shaping the future hybrid workplace
  • The BT experience and how we’re adapting

Automation was supposedly the force reshaping the future of work. But it turns out it wasn’t technology, but a virus, which disrupted everything.

Our key speaker, Dr Nicola Millard, principal innovation partner at BT, will shares her experiences on how COVID-19 has reshaped remote and office working, and how our ways of working are set to evolve.

No one wants a future composed of “horrible hybrids”. Throughout her session, Dr Nicola will explore how we can avoid being stripped of our work-life boundaries, and how we can use technology to make digital collaboration more like face-to-face.

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