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Export to any nation 

Exporting has a whole culture and language of its own. WTO rules, FTAs, FX, diaspora, agents, distributors, HMRC paperworkport badges, to name a few. Fortunately, not only do we speak the language, we understand the culture. We curate your endtoend solutions in many more ways than you’d think (we don’t just do your paperwork!). 

  • Find overseas markets: call our 150 offices globally   
  • Engage with buyerswarm leads and access to any overseas market  
  • Trade expertsfully trained and accredited global trade experts 
  • Funding / FX solutions: discounted exchange rates 
  • Making trade happen: via embassies and diplomats  
  • People on the ground: diaspora and global business network 
  • Moving your goods: we can handle your logistics   
  • Send goods easilyport badges via every UK land, air and seaport    
  • Protect your goods: legal, insurance and IP services  
  • Train your people: industry accredited training and events  
  • Making you compliant: getting your docs right: EUR1, Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Value of Origin, National standard shipping note, Dangerous Goods Note (sea and air), Arab documents, ATA Carnet, and other customs declarations

…and yes, we can act as your Customs Intermediary and do all your HMRC customs declarations through every UK port too. Contact us at: chambercustoms@cw-seswm.com

Get in touch with the International Team: international@cw-seswm.com

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