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What is Kickstart?  

  • £2 billion UK Government fund ​ 
  • you will receive 100%​ of costs (salary, NI and Pension) 
  • you receive £1,500 training grant per placement  
  • For people 16-24 claiming Universal Credit​ 
  • 6-month work placements ​ 
  • 25 hours a week​ 
  • Runs to September 2022 with applicants starting work before end of March 2022 

What do I need to know? 

Placements must:​ 

  • Be for a new role​ 
  • Not be a replacement for, or lead to a redundancy ​ 
  • Not fill an existing vacancy​ 
  • Use DWP applicants 
  • Be paid PAYE, at (or abovethe relevant National Minimum Wage 
  • Be applied for before 17 December 2021

What’s the catch? There isn’t one!  

Placements to UK Gov can only be applied for in batches of 30 but if you want to apply for less than that, Chamber Wales do that for you. Even if you only want one or two placements.

Hear from Sutro Group on their success with the Kickstart scheme.

How do I apply or find out more? 

Simply email us at info@cw-seswm.com


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