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26th May 2020

RPS would like to offer their Communicator application

Type: Offered

We are all currently facing the challenge of changing up the way our businesses work during in current pandemic whilst trying to ensure business runs as usual. We have seen in many instances’ businesses forwarding calls to a mobile phone which at the time we were forced to adopt a quick solution was perfectly fine is now proving difficult after a few weeks.

If you are struggling to manage your inbound calls, having to take messages because you can’t transfer to other members of the team now is the time to talk to us.

Using our Communicator Desktop or Mobile App could be the solution you need.

Key Benefits:
• Staff members have their own extension number as they would in the office.
• A group of staff members can answer inbound calls.
• Failover options for calls that are missed.
• Transfer calls internally.
• See availability of other staff members.
• Access to voicemail.
• Outbound calls display the office number.
• Conference facility available.
• Internal calls are free.

If you would like more information please get in touch by emailing welcome@rpstelecom.co.uk

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