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27th March 2020

NHS Wales – Call for IT support!

Type: Requested

The IT staff, short-handed as they are, are up to their ears in work as well.

Many of the hospitals and medical centres around Wales have just received new Desktops and Laptops which will be a massive help as they tackle the increasing demand.

Scale of the problem, one hospital just took delivery of 1,000 machines and they have no-one to set them up. Are any of you able and willing to lend a hand?

This could be visiting sites to set up machines or dialling into sites to set up by RDP or it could be receiving machines, setting them up and sending them back again – or any possible solutions you can think of that will achieve the same result.

It could also be any bright ideas or best practice you may have been involved with (such as clever ways to set up mass PXE builds) that would help the onsite teams to do this job faster.

Please respond directly to Nick Lewis at Nicholas.Lewis@wales.nhs.uk

NB: Please note that the response to this request has been overwhelmingly positive therefore there may be a delay in responding. 

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