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3rd April 2020

Latest advice and information for those supplying Sanitiser and PPE

Type: Requested

Reminder for offer of support – links to fast track are as follows:

Medical devices /vital signs/screening/POC testing medicaldevices@lshubwales.com

Infection control /PPE/Face masks/Sanitiser– infectioncontrol@lshubwales.com

Social isolation and loneliness socialisolation@lshubwales.com

Digital/AI/ML/Apps – digitalsolutions@lshubwales.com

For WG support – https://businesswales.gov.wales/coronavirus-advice

Other leads not categorised above – information@lshubwales.com

A web Site Page on the Life Science Hub is now available for further information https://lshubwales.com/call-industry-collaboration-fight-coronavirus

WG, Life Science Hub and Industry Wales are working together with NHS Wales SSP to support the supply chain for various equipment needs for both Health, Care and other front-line workers. We fully acknowledge you are already doing this but hope this can help you/us in the following ways:

  • Here is the latest advice for those supply Sanitiser and PPE.
  • We are sharing a document that summarises the current calls on various masks, visors and other kit that are being prioritised.
    • It should be noted that this is only an additional route to the escalation of working with the current supply chains.
    • It will help to explain what we mean by each specific item that is required.
    • Finally it also helps by indicating the specific routes available for each product that will fast track any support / suggestion to the right team.

Any concerns on this document can be addressed to info@industrywales.com BUT otherwise please use the routes described in the document as they are direct routes.

MediWales are also collating a list of potential suppliers for shortage equipment.

Examples of products or services they may be looking for could include:

  • Ventilators
  • PPE Equipment (Personal Protective Equipment) and other systems to reduce spread
  • Testing kits
  • Systems to manage and predict workflow
  • Dashboard systems to allow access to real-time information
  • Screening
  • Patient monitoring
  • Blood gas analysers
  • Syringe pumps

We ask that your product/service has regulatory approval and that your organisation is sustainable and able to deliver and continue to deliver these products/services to the NHS.

If you are interested please email isabelle.ford@mediwales.com with a brief description of your product/service (up to 100 words).

Please include the following:

  • Company details
  • Contact name
  • Email
  • Website
  • Company registration

Please note: 

Do not include any confidential information

The NHS will contact you directly to follow up if interested

The network for the South East (SEHTA) have also sent a call, please contact them directly at info@sehta.co.uk to be included on their own list.

You may also be interested in these contact details if you wish to offer your product/service to the NHS/UK Government directly.

Vaccines – Nervtag@phe.gov.uk

Ventilators – 0300 456 3565 / ventilator.support@beis.gov.uk

Innovation/Tech – DNHSX@nhsx.nhs.uk

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