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14th January 2021

Trading with the EU – Documentation changes for exporters

The end of the transition period and the new trading arrangement with the EU has brought challenges for businesses around the customs declarations and rules of origin requirements.

The documentation that your business needs depends upon the requirements of the destination country and the ultimate intention of the goods, unfortunately there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to this.

The Rules of Origin are going to be one of the biggest things exporting companies will need to understand and how the journey of their goods affects the paperwork they might need. Consideration needs to be given to who the final customer is and whether their buyer will be using the goods our Welsh companies export as a component for a product to sell onwards.

In most cases business will be able to put a statement on their invoice to prove the origin of the goods, but in certain cases they might be asked to provide a Certificate of Origin, which will need to be the new UK one, not the old EU one. This is the wording and an example of how to add a statement to your invoice:

Example of Statement

The full guidance can be found here.

Businesses will also need to be aware of the IncoTerms, which define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers; this needs to be a mutual agreement on what works for both the customer and the supplier; who will be paying the duty, tariffs and taxes? Companies will also need to make sure that they have a EORI number beginning with GB. 

The Border Operating Model should be the guide to any companies importing and exporting goods and services as this covers everything that companies need to know and the Hauliers Guidance will be invaluable to commercial drivers and hauliers looking to transport GB goods through EU ports.

Our International Trade team of experts are here to support you with your queries and can be reached by email at international@chamberswales.com 

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