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3rd June 2020

Response to confirmation of 14-day quarantine for air passengers

Paul Slevin, President of South Wales Chamber of Commerce, said:

“Following the most recent announcement regarding the 14-day quarantine for air passengers, it is no surprise that business communities across Wales and the UK remain concerned.

“Whilst it is understandable that  the Government wants to protect the health and safety of the general public. the new 14-day quarantine rule for air passengers is unhelpful and will have a knock-on effect on not only International trade but also our own economy ,with sectors such as tourism and hospitality once again being hit hard.

“The 14-day quarantine for passengers will impact those who want to take a holiday in the UK and will potentially result in reciprocal quarantine in other countries. How will Britain be perceived to the rest of the world – closed for business?

“What the Government must do is safely re-establish connections to key markets and trade partners. ‘Air bridges’ must be put in place swiftly for the sake of the many industries and livelihoods that depend on the UK’s connectivity across the world. Any review process should consult widely with affected business communities across Wales and the UK.

“Co-ordinated checks at departure and arrival airports, together with other internationally-agreed safety measures, would alleviate the need for a blanket quarantine affecting arrivals from every country around the world.”

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