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9th January 2023

Preparing for the next phase of Ireland’s Customs Single Window

The next phase of the Customs Single Window (SW)/CERTEX in the Republic of Ireland will be implemented on 11 January.

What is the Customs SW/CERTEX?

Ireland has been using the Customs SW/CERTEX since 2015 to provide a more efficient release of certain goods at the EU border. The process is achieved by the sharing of data between government agencies including Revenue, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the Health Service Executive and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Stricter application of business rules on import declarations to Ireland were introduced in October 2022 and it became mandatory for relevant certificates to be declared at goods shipment item level on the Automated Import System (AIS) declarations.

What does the next phase mean for importers?

The next phase, which comes into effect on 11 January, builds upon the October update by introducing electronic validation of all Common Health Entry Document (CHED) and Certificate of Inspection for Organic Conformity (COI) certificates.

This particularly affects goods such as food and feed of non-animal origin, plants and products of plant origin, live animals and products of animal origin.

When a customs declaration is made, the AIS will carry out an electronic verification and matching of the certificate reference number, combined nomenclature code and net mass or supplementary units figure declared.

Further phases of the Customs SW/CERTEX will be implemented in the future for Ozone Depleting Substance Certificates, F-Gas Licences and Cultural Good Licences.

What do businesses need to do?

Businesses should ensure that the data on the customs import declaration matches exactly what is on their CHED or COI certificates. If a business uses a customs intermediary such as the Chamber to complete the customs declaration and certificates, clear communication is a must!

The Chamber’s trade team keeps up to date with all of the latest regulations, policies and announcements affecting importers and exporters to help businesses keep goods moving and ensure compliance at every stage.

The experienced team curates end-to-end solutions and supply chain connectivity across global markets, including our EU neighbours, offering a wide range of international documentary services as well as accredited training courses.

Find out more: https://cw-seswm.com/trade/import/

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