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19th April 2022

Points Based Immigration System: What employers need to know

Following the UK’s exit from the European union, the UK Government implemented a points-based immigration system.

The new system prioritises skills and talent over where a person comes from. With the exception of Irish citizens, people coming to the UK to work must meet a set of requirements for which they will score points. Those who gain enough points will be awarded a Visa, enabling them to work in the UK.

Through the UK Government’s Plan for Growth implementation, changes are being made to the immigration system which employers should become aware of.

Right to work checks

Since 6 April 2022, employers have been able to carry out right to work checks on job applicants in three different ways. In addition to manual right to work checks and online right to work checks through the Home Office, businesses can now carry out a right to work digital identity check using Identification Document Validation Technology (IDVT).

Employers can use the services of third-party identity service providers to carry out the digital identity checks of British and Irish citizens with a valid passport on their behalf.

Global Business Mobility

From 11 April, the sponsored Global Business Mobility route opens for applications. This programme provides routes for senior or specialist workers, graduate trainees, UK expansion workers, service suppliers and secondment workers.

This reformed route is designed to help businesses expand into the UK, facilitating inward investment, as well as enabling collaboration opportunities between UK and international businesses.

Eligible workers must be sponsored by a UK business that is licensed by the Home Office, working in a job at the appropriate skill level, paid at the appropriate level for the job they are doing and an existing employee who has worked for the sending business outside the UK for at least 12 months.

High Potential Individual

The new High Potential Individual route opens on 30 May and aims to attract highly talented and internationally mobile individuals to UK businesses. It will open to individuals who are at the beginning of their careers and to those graduating from eligible global non-UK universities with the equivalent of Bachelors, Masters and PhD qualifications.

Successful applicants will be awarded short term visas but will also have opportunities to apply for longer term employment and settlement schemes.


UK businesses with a Scale-up license will be able to bring employees to the UK on a Scale-up Worker visa from 22 August.

This scheme, which supports high growth businesses, offers individuals a more flexible work visa, dependent on completing the minimum initial period of six months. The route allows for extensions of stay and leads to settlement after five years.

Eligible workers must have a qualifying job offer and certificate of sponsorship from an approved Scale-up sponsor, a job at graduate level or above which they must work for a sponsor for the initial six months, a salary of £33,000 per annum or the going rate for the role if higher, have maintenance funds of at least £1270 and have an intermediate B1 level of English.

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