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5th October 2022

Partner Insight: The future of work is here

How do you protect your people, workplaces and business from the threat of cyber-attacks?

Due to accelerated digital transformation, a skills shortage and geopolitical tension, cyber-attacks are on the rise, with 72% of large enterprises in the UK subject to cyber breaches according to the Department of Digital Culture, Media & Sport. Not only is the strength of your security absolutely critical, but it’s also how you’ll ensure the success of the future of work within your organisation.

‘BT Security is effective in understanding the security implications of hot topics and in translating these back into the needs of enterprises that are on digital transformation journeys.’
– IDC Marketscape European Managed Security Services 2022

These are exciting times. Businesses everywhere are looking ahead at new ways of working, innovating with the latest technology, and undergoing impressive digital transformation.

Multiple operations are moving to the cloud and in this post-pandemic era, working remotely is no longer a perk, it’s an expectation. Meanwhile, shiny new tech abounds and intriguing inventions from the ‘Internet of Things’ are adopted at scale. The future of work has arrived and triggered a revolution.

And yet lagging behind all this innovation are the cyber-security measures it depends on to support it. Every 19 seconds, an organisation is hacked in the UK.1 According to Gov.UK, 72% of larger firms identified a cyber-breach or attack from either individuals or state sponsored operations. The current landscape of changing work practices, cyberskill shortages, and geopolitical tension is creating a perfect storm for attackers. Cyber-criminals are increasingly sophisticated and funded – and businesses are grappling with complicated regulation and policy.

You already know that cyber-security is critical for the protection of your business. But, more than that, it’s how you’ll ensure the success of the future of work within your organisation. It’s how you’ll build a secure foundation to innovate from, that enables your people to be flexible about where and how they work. And it’s how you’ll grow the organisation in confidence – unencumbered by avoidable financial and reputational damage.

We’ll be exploring the importance of elevating the status of security within your business to achieve strong, simplified, and consolidated protection against the growing threats. Not only to protect your people, your workplaces, and your business, but to boost your resilience so that you can innovate freely – from a safe place – and maximise the positive impact that new technology can bring.

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