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23rd November 2022

Partner Insight: Supporting the NHS on its digital journey

The business world has been digitally evolving for some time. And every industry needs a plan to stay ahead of the competition. From cars to communication, medicine to manufacturing, food to finance. Having a digital transformation strategy is a must. It allows you to not only adapt quickly to situations, but also delivers a more personalised service and engagement with your customers.

BT believe in connecting for good to build strong, trusted, and collaborative partnerships that help drive transformation through co-creation, using innovation to solve real-world problems. It’s this belief that has allowed us to empower the NHS through BT Health, offering our resources, spaces, people and technology to help build the health care solutions of tomorrow through the Vanguard Innovation Programme.

The Vanguard Innovation Programme has reset the relationship between the NHS and BT Health, as we work together to identify pain points in particular locations or trusts, before creating scalable technologies to overcome them and rolling out at reduced rates once trials are successfully completed. This approach provides the NHS a chance to fully assess the value of new solutions as part of their digital transformation, whilst enabling professionals and patients to benefit from their use immediately.

Click here to read as Professor Sultan Mahmud, Director of Healthcare BT, reflects on the inauguration conference to mark BT’s Vanguard Innovation Programme.

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