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5th May 2023

Partner Insight: Shaping the UK’s quantum enabled economy

The UK is well and truly in the ‘quantum race’, with the Government announcing £2.5 billion in support of quantum technologies, showing its commitment to enabling commercial viability.

As outlined in the National Quantum Strategy, the aim is to keep the UK competitive in one of the world’s fastest-moving fields of technology by investing in research projects linking in industry and academia.

Why the investment? Quantum technologies promise transformational opportunities across computing, communications, sensing and timing.  If we look at quantum computing, it has the potential to solve particular classes of computational problems with an exponential advantage over the fastest supercomputer.

This has far-reaching implications for the ability to solve challenges that are currently considered intractable due to their inherent complexity, offering the possibility of major breakthroughs in science, industry, business and everyday life in a multitude of ways. Sectors such as energy, pharmaceutical, finance, telecoms, construction, and civil engineering could be transformed.

At BT we have been working collaboratively on quantum technologies for many years, and today, we are working across the breadth of quantum technologies to explore real-world applications.

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