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30th August 2022

Partner Insight: Help us to help upskill you

Help us to help upskill you on the Circular Economy

In our current economy, we take materials from the Earth, make products from them, and eventually throw them away as waste – the process is linear. In a circular economy, by contrast, we stop waste being produced in the first place. It is underpinned by a transition to renewable energy and materials. A circular economy decouples economic activity from the consumption of finite resources. It is a resilient system that is good for business, people and the environment. (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2019)

Cardiff Metropolitan University supports several circular economy programmes for businesses, public service organisations and educators to help achieve understanding of principles and practice. These include the Cardiff Circular Economy Network (CCEN), the Circular Economy Innovation Communities (CEIC) programme, and Wales Innovation Network (WIN) projects.

In order to better understand the challenges organisations face in applying circularity, the University are looking for business to complete a short survey. The survey results will help the University to understand what type of support is needed and will also inform policymakers.

The results will be made public with a list of resources and courses available to support circular economy implementation in Wales.

Please complete the survey before 30th September 2022 here:

Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

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