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14th March 2022

Partner Insight: Can your employees afford to get to work?

The recent increases in the cost of fuel are undeniably eye-watering. Diesel prices have reached almost £2.00 per litre on some forecourts and even on the days when crude oil prices drop slightly, the price of filling up an average family car is still considerably higher most people originally budgeted for.

What effect does this have on your employees? At best, they are feeling the financial strain of having to fuel their car at prices which are as much as £0.50 per litre higher than they had expected a few weeks ago. At worst, some employees will simply not be able to put fuel in their car because the family budget simply won’t stretch far enough.

There has never been a better time to investigate the options of providing employee assistance for travel to and from the workplace.

Adventure Travel offer two options which are worth considering if your employees are struggling with rising fuel costs:

  1. We already operate staff shuttles for some very large businesses in South Wales, enabling staff to travel to and from work in comfort, with USB charging points provided for laptops / phones etc. The shuttle buses / coaches can operate as many journeys as necessary and provide a safe, comfortable way for employees to get to work without having to worry about rising fuel costs. For the employer, when the ongoing retention of staff is considered, the cost of providing such a shuttle service is well worthwhile. How many of your employees are potentially considering changing roles and working nearer to home (or even working in roles that are entirely based from home), because they can’t commit to the increasing costs of commuting to work. A fully-funded staff green travel plan is a significant workplace perk and one which we can help with. We can operate everything from one inbound & outbound journey a day, to a multi-journey ‘staff bus’.
  2. For those employees who live on existing Adventure Travel bus routes, such as those serving Cardiff (Thornhill, Cardiff Bay, Llandough, Pontprennau, Pentwyn, Ely, Canton, Penarth, Llandaff, Butetown etc.), Pontypridd (numerous locations) and Swansea, we can offer a significant discount to employers who purchase bus travel for their employees. Some employers pass the discount on their employees, whereas others simply pay for bus travel for their employees.

As an employer, there is a huge amount of merit to be gained from being able to tell your customers that you participate in a green travel scheme, enabling your employees to travel to and from work via sustainable transport. Buses and coaches represent the future of green, sustainable city environments and the most forward-thinking employers are starting to give real thought how they can embrace this environmental change.

For a chat about the options, please email us at sales@adventuretravel.cymru – Our friendly, experienced team will be pleased to talk you through the various options.

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