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24th July 2023

Partner Insight: BT puts customers in the picture on digital energy use

The significance of sustainability cannot be underestimated in the modern world, as customers across the globe deem it a significant factor in their decision-making process.

According to recent studies, almost 88% of customers have indicated that they are open to re-evaluating their purchasing choices if a company fails to prioritise ethical and environmental sustainability.

Combining consumers buying power with increasingly strict environmental legislation and sustainability is rising rapidly up the business agenda, causing organisations to look for more effective ways to reduce their carbon footprints, leading to carbon reduction and circularity targets cascading throughout organisations, including to CIOs and IT teams. However, with networks and digital assets dispersed around the globe, many CIOs struggle to effectively measure energy consumption and carbon emissions while putting in place processes for managing end-of-life equipment.

This in mind, BT has launched an expansion of its digital sustainability tools to help customers monitor and optimise energy use across their full IT estate, from the network to servers running their apps and workloads in data centres and elsewhere.

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