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9th March 2023

Partner Insight: BT launches IoT national roaming in a major boost for businesses, keeping smart devices connected wherever they are

BT has switched on its IoT National Roaming SIMs for businesses across the UK, allowing them to keep smart devices connected wherever they are.

Internet of Things, or IoT, are devices with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect the internet to the physical world. These devices are not just PCs, laptops, and phones that we usually associate with computer networks: they can range from everyday domestic objects to vast pieces of industrial equipment.

IoT national roaming SIMs allow smart devices to connect to mobile networks ensuring they stay connected while on the move or in remote locations.

BT’s IoT national roaming SIMs will connect devices to the UK’s best and largest network, EE, meaning data is quickly and reliably relayed where it’s needed most. As well as a primary connection to EE, part of BT Group, the SIM can connect to multiple other major UK networks, helping to keep smart devices online.

The new IoT service will help end users such as drivers and delivery workers in the logistics industry improve their accuracy and efficiency by giving them access to important information in real-time, such as fuel efficiency, changes to a delivery schedule, or even cold chain management so temperatures can be constantly monitored on a refrigerated vehicle.

To learn more about IoT National Roaming and how its benefiting businesses, click here.

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