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19th July 2021

Partner Blog: Marketing your business out of lockdown

When the first Covid-19 lockdown hit last March, very few companies remained unscathed by the sweeping changes that impacted operating models, engagement strategies and sales. Some businesses adapted quickly, making the most of the difficult situation, others fumbled their way through, surviving rather than thriving.

Now, as we make the first tentative steps towards recovery, it is important that we learn from the pandemic and acknowledge that no business can afford to stand still.

For those businesses who pressed ahead with their marketing despite constraints, customers will return, and your investment will pay dividends.

However, the most important thing to remember is that even if you did pause your marketing, it isn’t too late.

Whether starting from scratch or pressing ahead, check out our top marketing tips that any business can implement:

Communicate – reach out to your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders and let them know what you’ve been up and what your plans are. Despite the reopening of the economy, we are still living through uncertain times and this is a journey rather than a means to an end.

Emphasise value – with more than a third of the UK’s workforce having been on furlough, buyer behaviour will be more value driven than before. Review your PR, website and social media content to ensure you are fully communicating the benefits that you provide.

Build trust – the pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, and this will continue to be a factor until at least 2022. As a business, your aim should be to build trust and distil confidence in everything that you do. You might think you are doing this already, but review what you are communicating.

Experiment – has your market changed because of Covid? Are your customers still the same people they were previously, and do they require the same goods or services that they did before? Do they buy in the same way, and can you still reach them with the same channels? Until you get back out there, it’s difficult to know. Take the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and new ways of communicating to reach your audience.

Innovate – make technology work for you and use it to automate processes. Whether it’s opening an online shop or using AI in your digital marketing, use data to your advantage and gain valuable insight into how your customers respond.

Use email – this is still the quickest way to talk to your customers, especially when you have something important to say. Stand out with engaging content that is tailored to your audience’s needs and desires.

If in doubt, talk to the experts. At Effective Communication we’re experienced at putting together packages for clients which will help them reach their target audiences quickly and effectively. It’s never too late to start marketing your business.

Rhys Gregory, Digital Director, Effective CommunicationRgregory@effcom.co.uk


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