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14th April 2021

Partner Blog: Helping to improve the hospitality sector in Wales

The hospitality industry plays a vital role in the Welsh economy. Yet, it is one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. Restrictions on trading have significantly affected hospitality businesses; turnover has been greatly reduced while fixed costs have continued to need servicing, leading to new debt or much depleted cash reserves. The impact has been devastating on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) including restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and caterers. Some of these businesses have been unable to cope and have ceased trading. Some have explored new business opportunities to survive while others have been forced to put their operations on hold.

However, it is not only business that are suffering through the pandemic; workers in the hospitality industry have also been badly affected. Casual or irregular work was an integral part of the hospitality workforce long before the pandemic, and over the last few decades the terms and conditions offered to the casual workforce have evolved. Therefore, the study of these evolving practices in both casual and temporary labour working arrangements is valuable. One such study is being conducted by Elena Peshkova MSc, a Doctoral Researcher at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

The purpose of Elena’s study is to understand current employment practices in the hospitality sector and how these have been affected by the pandemic. The research findings will provide business owners and managers with insights, guidance and recommendations intended to help them better understand and respond to the needs of casual workers – hopefully in ways benefitting both parties. The research will be carried out through online or telephone interviews with both owners and managers and casual workers in the hospitality industry in Wales.

If you own or manage an SME business in the hospitality sector and employ casual workers or have experience as a casual worker, it would be fantastic if you could share your experiences with Elena. Please contact her by emailing epeshkova@cardiffmet.ac.uk

Elena Peshkova is a Doctoral Researcher at Cardiff School of Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University. She has interdisciplinary research interests in Economics, Technology, and Human Resources. Her current research focuses primarily on the economy which relies on freelance, casual, self-employed and contractual workers. 

Elena grew up and received her first degree in Moscow, Russia, prior to moving to Cardiff in 2016, where she has been awarded an MSc in International Business and Management. Her previous professional experiences have been in Moscow, most recently at the Crown Worldwide Group, a provider of global mobility services. As a Mobility Consultant Elena managed both domestic and international relocations for Crown’s multi-national clients.  She was rewarded several times for her consistent drive for excellence.

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