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21st October 2021

Moving your goods: Do you need an EUR1?

When trading internationally your business will need the correct documentation to ensure compliance and to keep your goods moving. To trade with certain countries, businesses will need an EUR1 document to proceed.

What is an EUR1 Movement certificate?

An EUR1, also known as a Movement certificate, allows a business to take advantage of free trade agreements when exporting and importing. The EUR1 applies to goods originating in the UK and enables businesses to qualify for an agreed reduced or nil rate of import duty in the country of importation.

An EUR1 can only be raised in the country you are exporting from and is issued per consignment, meaning a certificate must be raised each time a business exports goods.

Which countries require an EUR1?

An EUR1 can be used in countries that have established trade agreements with the UK and where proof of origin requires the certificate. The EUR1 is required in many countries across the world including those in trade blocs in Southern Africa, Pacific states, Central America and the Caribbean as well as select countries in Europe and Asia.

You can see the countries that the UK has a trade agreement with here. If you are unsure, it is beneficial to check with your Chamber of Commerce who will be able to advise your business.

How can the Chamber help?

In the UK, Chambers of Commerce like Chambers Wales can authorise EUR1 certificates on behalf of HM Revenue and Customs and help you through the process.

Our international trade team are experts in all matters relating to exporting and importing, using their extensive experience to curate end-to-end solutions and connectivity across global markets. In addition to supporting businesses with EUR1s, we offer a wide range of international documentary services and can advise on the documentation required for goods as well as handling applications, providing a high level of compliance and assurance for members.

Visit https://cw-seswm.com/international/where-can-i-get-a-certificate-of-origin-in-wales/ to find out more.


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