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24th May 2023

Meet our Chamber: Inform

Our policy team works day in day out to help shape government policies and advocate for businesses in Wales. Through lobbying efforts, we champion the interests of the business community, promote favourable conditions for businesses in the current economy, foster growth, and ensure a supportive regulatory framework. The Chamber’s role in influencing policy is vital for fostering a thriving business environment in Wales. There is still a lot of good work to do.

Access to multiple governments

A privileged position of operating in Wales is that we have a direct throughline to officials in both Cardiff Bay and Westminster. We work closely with civil servants across both national and devolved governments to horizon scan, argue the business case across a wide variety of issues and provide insight for key policymakers on how businesses may be affected by prospective legislation. We speak to representatives of both governments on average once a week.

QES, data and the BCC

We work closely with our colleagues at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), sitting on several policy groups that push the national agenda for the Chamber Network. A key element of working with the BCC, which enhances our work with governments, is our extensive use of data to supplement our key policy areas. One way we do this is by providing a Quarterly Economic Survey (QES) for businesses to complete. This is a fantastic way for us to be able to take information directly from Welsh businesses and provide a voice for them at national government level, as it ensures the work we pursue is dictated by Welsh firms first.

The Economy in 4

Our monthly newsletter, ‘Economy in 4’, is a great place to get information relating to Welsh business and the economy in only 4 short, easily digestible headlines. The newsletter is designed to be short, as it can be read in under 5 minutes, and relevant to both businesses and government stakeholders alike.


We hold events and roundtables around policy, both for government and for the Chamber’s policy work. We aim to bring business voices together to get their insights on the issues of the day. We also attend roundtables ourselves on behalf of the business community for both Welsh and UK Government.


To find out more about how our Chamber can help ensure your business’ voice is heard, get in contact with our policy team: Oliver Carpenter, Policy Manager, oliver.carpenter@cw-seswm.com, 07734 995729

To find out more about what Chamber membership can do for your business, click here.

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