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10th December 2020

Making our workplaces in Wales a better, fairer place

It’s never been more important for workers and employers to be aware of their workplace rights and responsibilities.

This Welsh Government has teamed up with our social partners the Wales TUC, FSB, CBI, Chambers Wales and other key partners, Acas and Citizens Advice to launch a new campaign to strengthen workplace knowledge and understanding across Wales.

Although the pandemic has brought the need to act into sharper focus, this is not a new challenge – and that is in part because the law can be very technical, complex and difficult to navigate. I’m personally committed to making our workplaces fairer, safer and better for everyone – I spent the best part of a decade working for a trade union and I’ve seen first-hand the difference knowing your rights and responsibilities makes not just to workplaces but to people’s lives too.

There is expert advice and support out there to help workers and employers navigate the law, and that’s where our partners come in. Between them, they have the knowledge and understanding to advise, enable and raise awareness of employment rights and responsibilities across Wales.

As someone who comes from the trade union movement I am passionate about the real difference collective representation and voice can make. I know from personal experience that joining a trade union is the best way for workers to understand and secure their rights at work. Likewise, business representative organisations are there to support employers, helping them access the advice, representation and peer learning they need to achieve their goals.

We’re encouraging all workers and employers to explore their options and to spend some time finding out more about their rights and responsibilities.

By working together, we can make work in Wales safer, fairer and better for all of us.

To find out more about the expert support available, contact our membership team: Sharon.adams@chamberswales.com

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