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21st January 2021

Chambers Wales welcomes new cohort of local interns

Chambers Wales has recently welcomed its latest cohort of interns as it looks to support local students through its partnership with University of South Wales.

The interns, Aakshi and Euridce, who joined the organisation this month, will be undertaking research and supporting Chambers Wales on its marketing efforts. They will both also play a role in assisting the International team who entered its busiest ever period from January 1st as it looks to guide members through the new trading agreement with the EU.

Chambers Wales has worked with University of South Wales for a number of years, welcoming 9 students during that time through their popular internship programme. The programme, which runs for 10 weeks every year, gives second year undergraduates an opportunity to join a public, private or voluntary sector organisation to gain experience of the workplace. Students are required to identify an issue, problem or project within the workplace for their academic portfolio while also completing a skills reflection based on their experience.

Julie Gould, Work Placement Partner, University of South Wales, said: “The South Wales Business School has partnered with Chambers Wales over a number of years, to provide industry focussed experience to second year students on a 10-week internship programme as part of their degree course. Our programme offers an opportunity for businesses to gain valuable insight from our interns, whilst in return giving them experience of the workplace.

“Aakshi and Euridce, the current interns at Chambers Wales, will undertake research and support on marketing and international trade while contributing to assigned projects. Past students and colleagues have had very positive experiences about the work carried out, for example, interns have made an impact on their digital channels to communicate to different generations and presented an important research project in a comprehensive useable format to support the wider Chamber team.

“Interns have been motivated with excellent time management skills and capable of communicating to the wider team, with the ability to deal with all levels of management in an appropriate manner. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with the dedicated staff at the Chambers Wales.”

Heather Anstey-Myers, CEO, Chambers Wales, said: “We’re really pleased to have welcomed Aakshi and Euridce as our latest interns at Chambers Wales, at a time when many young people are struggling to find the work experience they so desperately need to step out in to the world of employment.

“This programme offers an opportunity for any business to gain valuable insight from the interns, whilst in return giving them experience of the workplace and so it’s a total win-win for us.

“During their time with us, they will both undertake research and support us on marketing and international trade and we’re really looking forward to seeing what they can contribute under their assigned projects.”

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