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19th May 2021

Chambers Wales invites members to complete Quarterly Economic Survey

As a new Welsh government settles into the Senedd and further sectors of the economy reopen following the easing of restrictions, hearing from businesses has never been more important.

The new parliament term provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to share the challenges and opportunities they encounter as well as setting out key ideas, infrastructure and programme needs that would benefit businesses in Wales.

The Quarterly Economic Survey is a British Chambers of Commerce UK-wide survey and the data gathered from QES responses is regarded as an important source on the economy by the UK Government, the Bank of England and the wider media. Responses to the survey have been directly fed into the policy making process to introduce and extend various business support schemes over the last year.

In Wales, providing your views gives Chambers Wales the insight and information to influence politicians in Cardiff Bay and Westminster. The responses also allow the Chamber to analyse data from Welsh businesses specifically and directly feed this back to Welsh Government ministers.

The challenges facing business are monumental; the pandemic has forced businesses to examine how and where they work, their supply chains and their markets yet the changes that businesses and individuals have been forced to make over the last year have demonstrated how agile and resilient the Welsh economy can be.

From recovery, growth and upskilling to the creation of a green economy, supporting Welsh villages, towns and cities, now is the time for businesses to use their voice.

The Q2 Quarterly Economic Survey is open until Monday 7th June and only takes up to 10 minutes to complete.

Visit: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/?sm=n_2F3f_2BhjTjPsWv69cUSZjHQ_3D_3D

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