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14th July 2020

Chamber President responds to Welsh Government announcements

Paul Slevin, President of South Wales Chamber of Commerce, said: 

The latest announcement from the First Minister today (July 10) is encouraging for many sectors and a big step in the right direction to help get the economy moving again.  

It is great to hear that the hospitality sector will be opening up throughout the summer months, which is very positive as this sector has been one of the worst hit. It will give the sector reassurance that they can salvage some of the summer season, and many individuals and families across Wales will be happy to be able to enjoy the attractions before schools open in September.  

The hair and beauty industry also have a clearer idea of when they can open and how they can operate. It is heartening to know that the First Minister has taken into account that the 2m social distancing rule will be an issue for those industries and that changes will be made to reflect this. Salon and business owners will appreciate this and be assured they can keep their customers safe with the new measures.  

It is positive that we have an indication for when other sectors can begin to open up. The phases announced offer a clear direction of travel to other areas of the economy to start to re-open, which will give businesses better direction and time to prepare.  

Most businesses across Wales are able to ready themselves for a gradual return that meets the health and safety requirements.  We would urge Welsh businesses to look at the Welsh advice, funding and guidance that is available, including the Chamber’s designated Coronavirus Hub, and prepare for restart and recovery.” 

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