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25th March 2022

Chamber comment on Welsh Government plans to support remote and flexible working

The Welsh Government has announced that it has published a strategy setting out its plans to work with businesses, trade unions and key stakeholders to help more employers to adopt a more agile and flexible approach within their workplace.

Plans to develop an online platform that helps people find work spaces local to them is being explored, alongside best practice guidance that can be shared with businesses to help them make the move.


Paul Slevin, President of Chambers Wales South East, South West and Mid, said:

“We are pleased to see that the Welsh Government is engaging with businesses regarding plans to adopt a more agile and flexible model of working. Although there are some sectors where it is not possible for employees to work from home, the world of work has changed for many others who do have the opportunity to work remotely.

“There is clear evidence that it will not be either working in the office or at home, but a new evolving hybrid model which allows employers and employees flexibility. For this model to succeed, we need to ensure that the infrastructure for digital networks is in place and provide opportunities for employees, particularly apprentices and graduates who feed off the guidance of experienced colleagues, to learn, upskill and innovate both online and in person.

“Ultimately, wherever people are working, we need to understand and support their health, safety and mental wellbeing. While flexible working offers businesses many benefits, we need to ensure that no one becomes isolated through this new model.”

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