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4th August 2021

ATA carnets: Exporting to the EU and beyond

Since 1st January 2021, ATA carnets have been required for temporary export to the EU under the international ATA carnet system.

What is an ATA carnet?

An ATA carnet is an international customs document consisting of a cover and differently coloured counterfoils and vouchers. It operates like a passport for your goods.

The purpose of the carnet is to facilitate trade, permitting tax- and duty-free temporary export and import of selected goods for up to one year and enabling easier passage through borders by eliminating the need for customs declarations at border points and deposits in the country of importation.

The ATA carnet system is implemented in over 80 countries and territories around the world. All EU countries are members of the international system so an ATA carnet for the EU can give exporters border free access across 27 countries.

Which goods can I use an ATA carnet for?

An ATA carnet can be used for professional equipment, educational or cultural items, commercial samples, and trade fair and exhibition goods. The carnet can be used for the specified categories of good being shipped through ports as freight or as accompanied baggage.

While an ATA carnet is suitable for a number of goods, certain products are excluded. Items for repair, sale or hire, as well as perishable and consumable goods such as food and drink, are unsuitable.

If you are uncertain whether your items are eligible for an ATA carnet, it is worth checking with a customs broker such as Chambers Wales.

How can Chambers Wales help?

Chambers Wales’ international trade team are experts in all matters relating to exporting and importing, using their experience to curate end-to-end solutions and connectivity across global markets.

Chambers Wales offer a wide range of international documentary services including ATA carnets, Certificates of Origin and EUR1s and can advise on the documentation required for goods in addition to handling applications, providing a high level of compliance and assurance for members.

To find out more about how Chambers Wales can help your business and to apply for an ATA carnet visit: https://cw-seswm.com/international/customs-declarations-with-chambers/

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