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13th October 2020

Amey Consulting partners with the Chambers to help create cohesive communities. Have your say!


The South and Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce have partnered with Amey Consulting to capture insights from across industry and Government into the infrastructure challenges facing Wales.

Covid-19 has brought new challenges and opportunities to public infrastructure. There is a need to understand new demands from local businesses and the community. Amey and the Chambers will be working together to run a series of digital roundtable discussions from October to November to review future community infrastructure requirements. The insights gained from this exercise will form the basis of a detailed report that will be shared with Welsh Government, the business community and public sector organisations.

Amey Consulting, Country Director for Wales, Caroline Lewis said “Providing sustainable solutions for Wales’ current and future planned infrastructure projects and consideration for the priorities and challenges that lay ahead, has never been more important. We have never witnessed such difficult times. We will soon know what our trading relationship is going to be with the EU, the outfall from the global pandemic is just the tip of the iceberg, and the effects of climate change and local floods have devastated our local communities;

There are numerous strategies, policies and priorities for Wales and it’s critical that we respond in the most engaging, inclusive, sustainable and integrated way possible.

  • We need to build stronger and more integrated communities for the future that bring the best in connectivity, innovation, and sustainable solutions which plan for all eventualities.
  • The implementation of digital and IoT and getting it right.
  • Good quality employment opportunities for younger generations.
  • Interconnected systems that provide better visibility and integration across our towns and cities so that procurement, waste and circular economy and smart manufacturing meet the greener future agenda.
  • Aims to transform the Welsh economy and the redistribution of wealth across the UK nations.
  • Ensuring we meet the objectives of wellbeing, loneliness and isolation, active travel, skills and better future work into the future of our communities.

The construction sector plays an important role in creating cohesive communities and the initial phase of this research aims to provide a bottom up approach by listening to what our local businesses require from community infrastructure to help them grow and thrive in the future. By listening to concerns and ideas, we are able to help build a stronger future.”

Paul Slevin, South and Mid Wales Chambers of Commerce President added “We are delighted to be working with Amey Consulting in Wales, giving our members and Welsh business the opportunity, through these sessions, to feed into infrastructure requirements in a post-Covid world. This work will strengthen our deep understanding of Wales bringing pride in future opportunities to deliver public services to local communities across the country. There is an opportunity to build back better than before and businesses across Wales have a critical role in building their communities following the pandemic and supporting future growth.”

The partnership aims to make a significant contribution to local growth by supporting; investment in infrastructure; the delivery of essential public services; the employment and upskilling of local people and the buying of goods and services from local businesses. Connectivity and growth should be key to Covid-19 recovery including rail, transport and mobility solutions.

If you would like to be involved and input to these valuable discussions please contact the Chambers now.


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