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Member Referral Programme

Help us to spread the word about what the Chamber is doing to support SMEs!

Do you know a business who could use our help? Put them in touch with one of our Account Directors, and when they join we’ll reward you with £100 off your membership renewal for the following year.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The business making the referral must be an existing paid up member on the Standard, Premium or Enterprise packages (or previously named equivalent).
  2. Referrals must be made via the current members Account Director, in person, by telephone, video call or by email.
  3. The referral credit will be applied to your account once the new member has signed up and has paid their yearly membership fee.
  4. £100 referral reward will be credited to the following years membership fee, before VAT is applied.
  5. Cash alternatives or other discounts will not be offered if membership is not renewed for another year.
  6. There is no limit on the number of referrals that can be made.
  7. In the case that referrals are made with a credit amount totalling more than the than the renewal membership fee, no additional payment will be made. However if the member wishes to renew at a higher rate eg from Standard to Premium using the credit, this will be accommodated.
  8. This offer runs from 6th September 2022 to 5th September 2023 unless otherwise advertised.
  9. The Chamber will only take on members that meet our criteria for membership in line with our Articles of Association.
  10. Any changes to the scheme will be published on the Chamber’s website.

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